Some of the History of the BSRG ATV Repeater Updated 7/1/2007

5/15/02. An AATN Board meeting was held on Saturday, May 11 2002 at 12:00 Noon. At this meeting, the Group formerly known as AATV was dissolved. BSRG agreed to take the repeater back and continue to maintain and improve it.

5/1/02: The offer from the Management of the BSRG- site provider to the ATV group for the unlimited use of the 147.345 voice repeater by AATN members was retracted. Unfortunately, the ATV users (who now seemed to want to call themselves AATV) had splintered to such a point that they were no longer holding meetings or collecting dues. In the original agreement that kicked off the organization, the AATN group agreed to collect $25.00 per year dues to be used to fund the ATV repeater's improvements and operating costs. One of these costs was a portion of the operating costs of this voice repeater (phone line costs only) in exchange for reciprocal usership. These expenses had not been paid in at least 2 years and the joint use agreement was rescinded. The original AATN (or AATV or whatever it is called) never made good on its commitment by reimbursing BSRG for the telephone line expenses that accumulated until the line was discontinued! In addition to this, numerous requests to the maintainers of the AATV system were made regarding antenna cleanup (and combining of antennas),elimination of aluminum hardline and other maintenance. It all fell upon deaf ears.

1998 Upon a challenge (and seed money) from N4NEQ, several folks chipped in to pay for a set of link radios to link to MatPARC ATV repeater on 2.4 GHz. However, there appeared to no longer be interest from the MatPARC end any longer. We were told that the money they had set aside for the link was spent elsewhere. We can't help the fact that the Olympics prevented us from getting access to their rooftop to do the original 10GHz link, though. It takes communication and cooperation from both ends to make something like this work.

1997 (approx) Sometime after the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, we abandonded the original plans for a 10GHz link to the MATPARC ATV repeater downtown. With the advent of reasonable priced 2 GHz gear, we are going to move in that direction.

1996 (approx) Using microwave gear owned by Frank and Ralph, W4KIP created a 10GHz video linking system for us. We were stalled by the Summer Olympics (they locked us out of the repeater room). Then we were trying to coordinate with someone from MATPARC to help us get access to the BellSouth building roof to install the dish. This would have linked the Big Shanty and MATPARC ATV repeaters full-time. The link was using two 300 mw Gunnplexers and a couple of modified 18" DSS dishes.

Approximately 1994. The Big Shanty ATV Repeater has been spun off into its own entity. Now the ATV repeater can stand on its own and be funded and controlled by its own users. Called AATN (Atlanta Amateur Television Network), this group consists of a steering sommittee of Board members made up of the original owners plus several outside parties. All funding will come from within and the AATN will access $25.00 yearly dues of each member in order to obtain this funding. BSRG will offer the use of its 147.345 repeater for phone patch and ATV controlling, as well as the ATV net or any other use it is needed for. AATN will pay the monthly phone line expenses to keep the patch and modem operational. We look forward to a unified and non-denominational (as repeater groups go) ATV organization!

We'd like to finish writing the history, but a few dates are still needed. If anyone wants to help fill in the earlier history- please let us know.

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