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B.S.R.G. ... What's that?? (v2)

BSRG means Big Shanty Repeater Group. Located in Metro Atlanta, GA, the BSRG We have operated the 146.655 repeater Amateur Radio repeater system (as well as others) for over 25 years. We cover a very wide area due our mountaintop location and our multiple remote voting receivers,

We appreciate all of you who listened to our Space Shuttle broadcasts on our repeaters and watched on the BSRG Amateur Television repeater.

From 1990 to 2012, the BSRG retransmitted all NASA Space Shuttle mission audio non-stop throughout each mission. Our Shuttle audio transmissions (as well as the video feed the Big Shanty TV Repeater provides) were a memorial to Tim Mallory, AI4B. Tim and Ralph (N4NEQ) had an idea years ago to provide this service to the Amateur community. We proudly presented it as a tribute to Tim and his love of radio!


Latest Site News...

See the ATV link to the left for the latest details on the recent power improvements to the BSRG ATV repeater.

The Big Shanty Repeater Group, most known for having the first IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project) repeater in the entire Southeast, is now happy to announce that We had Georgia's first 900 MHz repeater. For more info about our 900 machine select the BSRG link at the top left at this page.

Our 146.775 repeater has been part of the I.R.L.P. linking system. for over 10 years. As a matter of fact, we were fully participating in IRLP LONG before ANY other Group in the South! We're proud to say that the IRLP now has over 1200 linked systems, in many countries including Japan and Russia. We even have a node at the South Pole!

The link system codes are available to all members of the BSRG.
Please show your support for this first-of-a-kind project that again showed that BSRG is ahead of the pack in local innovativeness!

Other Important Home Pages that we host:

The Atlanta APRS Network, with info about APRS and its uses.

Thanks for stopping by, y'all come back real soon!

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